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Let’s have coffee… or tea. Or whatever you like to drink. Let’s get acquainted. 


Hey there potential new friend! Welcome to your new life organizing enough to create calm family…

Organizing calm is not about perfect. It is not about being insta-worthy. It is about doing ENOUGH to live better, calmer lives.

Sometimes all you can do is the basics.

So focusing on the most important ones first helps to make that easier.

You have probably heard that 20% of effort actually gives 80% of the results… so we need to choose well where we put that 20% of effort to give us the most calm. That is where we focus.

We do just enough.

How do we know how much is enough?? Well the test is how it feels. Does it feel calm enough to you or is there still too much crazy?

I believe in organizing ENOUGH to create calm even with crazy kids.

I believe in calm… even in chaos. Chaos is often a big feature in my house and my world. But it doesn’t have to rule.

I believe things can be better.

I believe everyone can find ways to organize their lives for less stress.

I believe that an action plan in your head can help you remain calm outwardly when it feels like chaos around you.

And I believe that I can help you to organize calm into your life. 

Your life can be more calm with a little more order and organization. Let me help. Have a look around and find what fits for you.

And remember – taking small, easy steps is more likely to get you there.

Emmy Carson

Encouraging mamas to organize ENOUGH to create calm family life

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