A guide to making mornings easier

So what are mornings like in your house??

Ours are absolutely blissful. I wake to a hot cup of tea already made by my husband, then a quiet shower by myself and time to dress and put on makeup. My children wake and cheerfully give me cuddles before they calmly get themselves ready for school…

Ok… I can’t even keep writing for laughing.

Here’s what really happens: I wake to a kid either crying or yelling at me. Usually too early. My husband tries to make me a cup of tea but it is usually cold before I get to it. If I get a shower it is NEVER alone. And I can’t remember when I last wore makeup. School prep? Tricky. And almost impossible without tears.

So to make sure I can cope with these delights each morning I make sure I am prepared.

How I hear you ask??

Your morning needs to start with prep the night before!

A guide to making mornings easier

Lay out clothes that every family member will wear.

That includes yourself! If you have independent kids who must choose themselves, you can help them do so the night before, and give them a great habit for life! And I have won my husband over to doing this himself as well so he isn’t asking me where his things are either…!

a guide to making mornings easier

Get bags ready

Check that they have what they need in them, including any reading folders, homework, things that have to be taken to work or school. Place the bags ready beside the door or in an easy to grab spot near where you will pass as you leave.

Prepare jackets and shoes appropriate for the season beside the bags

Have less discussions about which shoes your kids need to wear and where the shoes are! If you have kids who need to decide for themselves, get 2 options ready or have them prepare the shoes etc with you the night before!

a guide to making mornings easier

Pack lunch

Make sure that lunchboxes or bags are cleaned and either packed ready, or at least prepared with whatever can be done in advance, and placed either in the fridge or somewhere that makes the morning easier.

a guide to making mornings easier

Prep bathroom

Make sure that the bathroom is tidy and prepared for quick use by family members in the morning – think: are the towels ready, are the hairbrushes handy, with whatever hair ties necessary beside them? Is your own make-up or jewellery (or scarf) that matches your outfit ready? If you have limited bathroom space, do you have an order for family members to use the bathroom to limit frustrations or arguments??

Lay out breakfast

Make the food ready so it is either available for family members to help themselves, or really easy to prepare quickly for everyone.

And those are the main points we find make our mornings go just that little bit easier. Have any to share with us?

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