by | Jul 24, 2018

Hey there potential new friend! Welcome to your new life organizing enough to create calm family…

Organizing calm is not about perfect. It is not about being insta-worthy. It is about doing ENOUGH to live better, calmer lives.

Sometimes all you can do is the basics.

So focusing on the most important ones first helps to make that easier.

You have probably heard that 20% of effort actually gives 80% of the results… so we need to choose well where we put that 20% of effort to give us the most calm. That is where we focus.

We do just enough.

How do we know how much is enough?? Well the test is how it feels. Does it feel calm enough to you or is there still too much crazy?

I believe in organizing ENOUGH to create calm even with crazy kids.

I believe in calm… even in chaos. Chaos is often a big feature in my house and my world. But it doesn’t have to rule.

I believe things can be better.

I believe everyone can find ways to organize their lives for less stress.

I believe that an action plan in your head can help you remain calm outwardly when it feels like chaos around you.

And I believe that I can help you to organize calm into your life. 

Your life can be more calm with a little more order and organization. Let me help. Have a look around and find what fits for you.

And remember – taking small, easy steps is more likely to get you there.

I live in New Zealand, in Christchurch where we are getting on with life post-earthquake but I grew up in Tanzania, East Africa, so I don’t feel entirely Kiwi.

I am married to a wonderful man who also grew up overseas so he gets the not-quite-feeling-like-a-New-Zealander-all-the-time thing. We had been friends for ages but met after the big earthquake in 2011 literally in a pile of rubble and I guess that was what I needed to have done many years ago since after that he asked if I wanted to think about getting married. Yeah, coffee with a friend turned into a discussion about what we have in common for getting married. Brave man! My husband is very brave and kind and often unexpected and one of the most unselfish people I know.

We have two lovely kids. Our son is only 14 months older than our daughter, so we had a busy beginning to family life. Sadly we are not able to have more kids, but we are so blessed with these two fantastic lively active children. Our son has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. This colours a lot of our life. It makes life quiet and simple by design and intention, but frequently crazy in reality.

Hence the huge need to find ways to organize calm!


Our children after an exhausting session doing lots of writing and drawing with chalk on our back step in the lovely sunshine. Sunhats are a necessary reality in the harsh New Zealand sun.

If you are still reading then thank you for being so interested! [Or for being my friend in real life, coz that’s the other reason you may have read this far! I’m feeling loved!]

I am honestly interested in who is reading… or anything I can help you with! Please let me know how I can help you with your adventures 🙂