Everyone has their own idea of what crazy is in their home. For some it is a few things left out in an otherwise tidy space. For others it is when the kids knock over that large pile of important papers off the couch that I needed to find that bill in so it can get paid…

Personally I fall somewhere in between the two. I also have a lot of insanity I inherited from my lovely children.

Epic crazy in my life

Case in point. Today I was trying to get my kids to preschool and school. Like we do almost every day.

They wanted to go. Honestly, they did.

You would never have known it though.

They woke late. They didn’t want to get into the shower. They didn’t want to get out of the shower. They didn’t want to get their clothes on. They didn’t want food.

When they were finally dressed they still didn’t want food. They wanted to dance. To the plastic ABC toy that plays music as you press each letter of the alphabet. They were up to F and they needed to finish right up to Z.

Once we had sorted that issue out, and now that it was already so late that we would be struggling to arrive on time, my son realised that he needed to take his precious Paw Patrol figurines to school with him in the green bag that he has them in yesterday.

 Which meant locating the green bag, and all the figurines. 

Once we found them, the next issue was that he needed to chant the colors of each figurine with the help of his sister. She had already got her shoes and jacket on and was standing outside, still twirling in her tutu, with her plastic crown askew on her head.

So he had to shout down the stairs.

“What color is Chase?”




“That’s right! What color is Zuma?”




“That’s right. Well done! [We focus on praise as rewards… it works. It is also hilarious when they copy!] What color is Skye?”


At which point I wanted to shake her and shout, “For goodness sake girl, he is asking the color of the Paw Patrol in the exact same order he always asks them. YOU KNOW THE ANSWER ALREADY. JUST ANSWER HIM SO WE CAN GO!”

I didn’t.

I laughed and felt sorry for our neighbors and waited, watching her dance in between shouting to her brother.

Aren’t kids awesome??

Yeah sometimes I feel like there is some epic crazy in my life.

But I digress. We used to live in a tiny house. A unit actually. Two bedrooms, small bathroom and a kitchen with a living area, plus a courtyard outside. It was lovely, all 70 sq metres of it.

Just a touch small for a kid who wants to climb as high as possible and throw himself from that height. That felt crazy.

Now we live in a two storied house with 160 sq metres. Yes that is more than double the size. Outside there is a large garden with a long driveway to ride scooters up and down. It is WONDERFUL!

But people started thinking we need more stuff since we have this big house. And so I now have all the things from our old house, many of which were stored in the garage since we needed to keep a lot of space for all the jumping. Plus I have extra spaces being filled as well…

Don’t get me wrong. I am really appreciative of many of the things. A large table, and extra couch. Super helpful.

It just starts feeling kinda full real quick. And that’s where I start to feel a little crazy.

I’m not a minimalist, unlike my husband… poor man. All his nice minimal furniture (pre-marriage) has been dented or ruined somehow with the kids. Mostly from being climbed on and jumped off.

But I do like to have clutter free organized zones even though I am not tidy.

When we are given more things, especially toys, it just feels like more clutter. And more things that I may have to deal with not being put away since when my son has lined his toys up then he takes a while before he can allow us to put them away…

Meanwhile we actually have not finished unpacking from our move here nearly 6 months ago. And I don’t know about you but we seem to leave things like the paperwork or random bits to the bitter end.

So being given extra to have in our nice new large space makes me feel a bit crazy. I haven’t sorted out the last lot of stuff yet!

Does anyone else have this tension? The extra piles of stuff that may or may not be important that hang around and ideally you want to sort, but you are busy just doing enough to keep things calm? I generally choose calm over pushing myself to do things. And I am certainly not conventional in my thinking so I won’t do it just because.

But what do you do when you know the things you are being offered would be helpful or interesting or you simply want them… but not yet??

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