Oh the holiday period.

It’s so much fun!

And so calm. So peaceful. So orderly…

I think the only calm thing about Christmas is the baby Jesus! Coz he was asleep!

[But seriously how did he sleep through the noise in the stable though?!?]

Anyway, I have found that the way to organize a measure of calm through the holiday period is to do some planning ahead, and be reeeeally patient with the rest of it!

So I am not going to labor this today. I am just going toshare what I use for planning the holiday period and leave you to get on and doit!

This is what I use to plan what I have to be at and what I need to remember to have when I go there!

Planning Christmas events

This is how I plan out what gifts to buy for who.

Planning gifts to buy for Christmas

And when it comes to the big day itself and the meal preparation, I use this to plan out what I need to do.

Planning the Christmas meal

It’s not that fancy. But it works for me, and it might for you too.

Good luck organizing your bit of calm!

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